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Buyers & Sellers Agreement: Terms & Conditions

Lease Seller Advertising Service Agreement

The following outlines our advertisement agreement between the Lease Seller and

By registering with as a Lease Seller you agree to pay a fee to list your vehicle on The cost of the listing your vehicle at is determined by the advertising package (Platinum, Gold, Copper, Dealership) that you select from the seller registration page. The seller accepts that by listing his vehicle on that he will be charged a listing fee. It should be noted that does not guarantee that all listing features will be active immediately. Auto Lease Breakers attempts to activate new lease advertisements within 24-48 hours or pending verification of payment and correct auto lease details. reserves the right to cancel a sellers listing at anytime without a refund.

By registering with as dealer you agree to pay a fee to list your vehicles on and the number of vehicles you will be permitted to list is determined by the package you select. The dealer program package selected will determine the monthly fee due and any setup or initial charges will be charged accordingly. A registered dealer may provide written notice and request a program cancellation at any point in time unless an agreement with a specified time period is still in existence. It should be noted that does not guarantee that listings will immediately be viewable and/or that all listing features will be active immediately. reserves the right to cancel any or all of a dealer’s listing at anytime without a refund.

  • Upon confirmation of payment, will “activate” your vehicle lease advertisment.
  • Upon activation of your lease advertisment, will begin pro-actively marketing your vehicle
  • Once your lease advertisement is “activated”:
    • Lease buyers can access your vehicles advertisement
    • Lease buyers can contact Lease Sellers directly via email
    • You will only receive the features and benefts (levels of advertiser service) of your vehicle lease advertisement as it corresponds to the advertisment package you had purchased – ex. Copper, Gold, Platinum, Dealer
  • You can upgrade at any time to a higher-end advertising package
  • You cannot downgrade your advertisment at any time.
  • If you do not provide any imagery/photographs of your vehicle, a default photograph may be used.
  • Your lease advertisement is guaranteed up to the successfull transfer of your lease, or an explicit request to de-activate your advertisement.
  • If a lease advertisement is de-activated, a service charge may apply to re-activate the lease, however this is discresionary
  • does not guarantee nor warrant successful result or lease transfer
  • All lease advertisement sales are final, we are unable to offer refunds

For further information please contact us.

Information on the website titled as may contain inaccuracies or typographical makes no representations about the accuracy or reliability of the information contained on this website or as a result of information obtained. The use of and any information received from this site is at the user’s own risk. reserves the right to make changes to this website ( at any time.

You (herby known after as the “User”) agrees and accept the terms and conditions as set forth from that the material and services as set forth are “as-is” meaning that they come without any warranty either express or implied. does not claim that any warranty as regards to the quality, accuracy, or content of the information as stated on this website or any information received as a result of use of this website. also disclaims any warranty either express or implied as to title, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. also disclaims any warranties concerning the Current Lessee to provide and/or deliver any leased asset to users of or any current lessee registered with to pay a potential Lessee any payments involving a leased asset which may be described on the website known as

User acknowledges and agrees that does not and in no way can control the actions of the users of the website known as If at anytime based as a result of your use of said website that a dispute between you or one or more users might result you hereby release, its officers, directors, and employees from any claims, demands, causes of actions, suits and damages.

User accepts that any claim or controversy that arises out of or relating to a relationship created by the website known as shall be settled in a court of law with the state of Ohio holding jurisdiction to the claim and / or controversy.

User acknowledges that, its officers, directors, and employees do not verify and User information therefore, cannot and shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies contained in this website or from any information derived from use from this website. By using the website known as the user hereby agrees that such information

User agrees that, its officers, directors, and employees in no way guarantees that an individual using the web site known as will be approved by the Financial Lending Company named on the lease for assumption of the lease., it officers, directors, or employees “DO NOT” decision any documentation as in regards to lease assumptions. The individual financial lender named on the lease documentation looks at the perspective lessee on an individual basis. will not be held liable for any decisions made in regards to such a potential relationship as between a User of this website and a financial lender that might be named on the website. does not faciliate any credit checks, shipment of vehicles or negotiations between the lease buyer and Lease Seller. Auto Lease Breakers services is 100% restricted to providing a marketplace where lease buyers can find Lease Sellers, and initiate dialogue between both individuals. It is the onus of the Lease Seller to first check with their leasing company and/or leasing dealership to first see if their auto lease agreement allows transfer / swap / trade of their auto lease. By registering and paying for an auto Lease Seller account with Auto Lease Breakers, it is implied the Lease Seller has verified their lease agreements allows the transfer / swap / trade of their auto lease to other individuals. is a listing company. No information contained on this website should be deemed to be an offer, counteroffer, nor acceptance. shall not be held liable for any inaccuracies on said website nor in information obtained as a result of using said website.


Void where prohibited.

The material contained on this site is the proprietary material and information of and expressly forbids any copying, reproducing, or use of this material without express written authorization from

100% Satisfaction – Money Back Guarantee

All Lease Sellers advertisement orders are backed by a Money Back Guarantee. This 15-Day Guarantee gives the Lease Seller a guarantee of their purchase to receive 100% satisfaction. If for any reason the Lease Seller is not 100% satisfied with their purchase, will refund the Lease Seller 25% of their purchase. The 15-day Money Back Guarantee commences when the Lease Sellers payment is received and the auto lease advertisement is online. The remaining 75% of the purchase covers the 15 days listing fee, administrative fees, associate fees incurs and any marketing and sales fees invested into the Lease Sellers vehicle lease during the 15 days. Simply contact our customer service department for any refunds and/or questions.

Requirements for Money Back Guarantee

  • Lease Sellers must contact within 15 days of placing your order to request the 25% refund.
  • Refund email requests must include the Lease Sellers username, postal address and order ID. Any email refund requests without these three details will not be eligible for refund
  • Lease Sellers who purchase a re-ocurring lease listing package who do not want further re-occuring charges must contact customer service anytime before the next billing cycle. After the date of the following re-occuring billing, the Lease Sellers lease listing will remain active until the following billing cycle, which upon that time the lease listing will be deactivated and any further changes will stop at the following billing cycle.

Refund Policy will adhere to the following policies:

General Refund Policies and Guidelines

  1. Multiple or duplicate charges are automatically eligible for refund.
  2. No refunds will be issued after the original date of purchase regardless of reason.
  3. Discounted services and/or promotional programs are not eligible for refund under any circumstances.
  4. will process all purchase requests within 5 business days

Specific Refund Polices for Lease Seller Services

  1. Listing Fees- Not refundable under any circumstances other than the details set under the “Money Back Guarantee” of 100% Satisfaction. This encompasses all advertising lease member packages – Test Drive, Copper, Gold, Platinum and/or Dealer.
  2. Listing Upgrade Charges- Not refundable under any circumstances. (“Listing Upgrade Charges” refer to actual listing enhancements and services offered to create greater listing exposure both internally and externally from the website). Only refund charges can be recouped under the “Money Back Guarantee” policy.
  3. Re-Occuring Billing
    • In order to insure uninterrupted service to your website, certain lease listing packages (ex. Test Drive) will automatically renew every 30 days from the date of the initial purchase. Lease listing renewal charges are based on the prevailing rate on the date of renewal according to the service selected. Lease listing re-occuring billings are renewed for the same billing cycle. If you wish to cancel your plan before plan renewal, please refer to the “Requirements for Money Back Guarantee” section above.
  4. Seller understands and agrees that all information regarding the identity of the seller is held strictly confidential to any persons that have not registered with For this reason no contact information (email address, phone number, fax number, etc.) may be used in the public listing of a vehicle on the site. Any information that is found within a listing that violates this policy will be deleted without notice. reserves the right to change any and all terms and conditions, service agreement and refund policies at any time.

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