Tips on taking over a lease from another state or province

You’ve found a few perfect leases for take over but discovered their not local and even across the country. No problem. When taking over a car lease from another province or state, there are a few tips you should remember. First, lets assume you checked with the leasing company first to confirm you can perform a swap a lease from another state or province. While most leasing companies are national, its always safe to check first if the person who needs to get out of a car lease (lease seller) lease agreement allows for a lease transfer outside the state or province from which the lease was first purchased.

Tip 1: Transportation costs
Remember, most things in a lease transfer is negotiable with the lease seller. If the person who is getting out of their car lease has posted a cash bonus or incentive, or not, there are certain fees you can negotiate with them to assume their lease. You may decide to split the cost for the lease transfer fee, or any transportation costs to ship the car to you city.  Often a lessee understands the sooner they can swap their car lease the most money they’ll save. But conversely, there are highly desirable leases for assumption that will go quickly, so the advantage is not always to the lease buyer.

If a lease seller is highly motivated to transfer their car lease, you could negotiate with them to split the transportation costs.  Because how bad the lease seller needs to get out of a car lease, they’ll often want to make the lease assumption transaction move quickly – again, time is money especially with another car lease payment on the horizon. 

Tip 2: Vehicle Ownership
When a lease seller learns how I can get out of a car lease, they soon learn that when they perform a lease swap, they ownership of the vehicle does not change. Only the legal lessee changes.  While this may raise an eyebrow at first, lets explain.  It’s the legal obligation of the lease that transfers to the individual taking over the car lease. So any financial responsibilities on the lease is the responsibility of the individual who assumes the lease. Its just the vehicle ownership that doesn’t change. For example, a BMW or Toyota lease through leasing company ABC, is owned by company ABC. If someone takes over the lease, the lessee changes, but company ABC remains the owner. Ownership of the vehicle does not change, however in any lease assumption deal, the lease buyer should always contact the original leasing company to confirm all obligations and contractual rights.

Tip 3: Car Lease Inspection
Ok, so you’re in Texas and found a lease in New York for a lease swap, but you have no plans to visit New York anytime soon. You can still perform a lease assumption, but who is going to inspect the vehicle? There are services you can hire to have the vehicle inspected to ensure it operates fine, mechanically solid, and the body is in great condition. Since the lease seller may be highly motivated to get out of a car lease, you can ask them to hire a vehicle inspection service to check the vehicle and send you the report. It may be to the advantage of the lease seller to perform this as even if you decide to not take over the car lease, the lease seller will still have this report readily available to send to the next lease buyer interested to take over the car lease.  Also keep in mind that many consumers who learn how you can get out of a car lease and decide to bust out of a car lease, tend to do it within the first 1 to 2 years of the lease agreement. What this means is as someone who may take over the lease could be re-assured that the original factory warranty is still valid on the vehicle. Again, ask these questions, and for lease sellers, mention this in any listing you publish to promote your lease for transfer.

Lastly, if you hire a transportation company to ship your car, some will also perform a vehicle inspection for you prior to shipping your car. Ask the questions and you shall receive.

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