How do you start the lease transfer process?

The Lease Seller starts the lease transfer process by listing in the lease swap marketplace of

Once the vehicle is made available in the marketplace, Lease Sellers actively looking to take over a lease will browse the available leases for for takeover, and contact you directly with any questions, requests for more photos, arrange a time to meet and check out the car, etc.

Once the lease seller and lease buyer discuss the details of the lease (for example, maintenance records, warranty details, is a cash incentive offered to take over the car lease, etc.) and the details have been worked out between both parties, the Lease Buyer or Seller will contact the leasing company to arrange a credit check is on the new Lease Buyer. If the leasing company validates the Lease Buyer is credit worthy, they will with the permission of the Lease Seller, initiate the administrative lease transfer paper work process between both parties.

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