How much is the lease transfer fee?

Almost all leases that are assumed or transferred to another person require to to pay a lease transfer fee. But more importantly, who pays the lease transfer fee, and how much really is this fee?

There are also lease transfer marketplaces who may charge this directly to the lease seller with a mark up. For these reasons, its important you see below how you can get the real cost of the lease transfer fee, and how you can reduce the lease transfer fee costs. The lease transfer free can be paid by the lease seller, or the lease buyer, or negotiated to split the cost.

The lease transfer fee will be different with every leasing company and dealership. To find out the lease transfer fee rate, the easiest method is to contact the dealership in which the lease was purchased originally, and ask for a quote on the lease transfer rate.

Consumers thinking of how I can get out of a car lease should remember if they decide to offer their car for a lease swap and find a qualified lease buyer to take over the lease, the lease transfer fee will need to be paid. Its good to know this fee value in advance so you can leverage this fee within offering a cash incentive or cash bonus to take over the lease when negotiating with the person who will take over a lease.

Remember, the first step is to how you can get out of a car lease. The biggest challenge with this is simply finding someone wanting to take over the lease or buy out the lease. Over the last few years this has become less and less of a challenge with the popularity of online marketplaces to post a car lease. These online lease transfer marketplaces are a hub spot for consumers to browse local car leases for swap and trade. The three most popular lease transfer marketplaces in North America are Swap a Lease, and Lease Busters. All three lease transfer marketplaces offer large inventory of local leases by individuals to take over, and attract a swarm of consumers who seek to take over a lease as the popularity of lease transfers is exploding in Canada and USA.

However as a consumer who is considering how you can get out of a car lease, only Lease Busters and Swap a Lease may take control of the lease transfer and charge you directly for the lease transfer fee. These two lease transfer marketplaces will manage the lease transfer process as the middle man, where the lease seller may incur additional costs and feeds for those ‘management’ services.  However only eliminates this to allow the lease seller to pay the lease transfer fee directly to the dealership or leasing company. An attractive bonus of over swap a lease and lease busters is the consumer who needs out of a car lease early can post their car lease for transfer for free, no cost, to the marketplace. This offers a no risk, no commitment and no middle man management fees to get out of a car lease early until you find and connect with a lease seller.

Lease Transfer Fee Tips:

  • If you are looking to take over a lease and the person who is seeking to get out of their car lease is requesting that you pay the lease transfer fee, then contact the original leasing dealership to get a quote on the actual lease transfer fee. 
  • If you’ve find the best lease to take over, rather than sticky the negotiation of who will pay the lease transfer fee, offer to split the fee between you and the lease seller. 50/50 down the middle. However if you’re taking over the lease and the lease seller is offering a premium cash incentive or cash bonus, it may be to your best interest to pay the lease transfer fee to make the deal happen before another lease buyer comes along and beats you to the deal.

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