What are the fees for Lease Buyers?

There are none. Zero. Zilch. De Nada.

Unlike other lease swapping marketplaces, we charge zero fees for lease buyers registration and zero fees to contact Lease Sellers. This eliminates any barriers for a quick lease transfer.

Note: Be aware that other lease transfer marketplaces may charge use their services, such as registering for a Lease Buyer account, or charge to contact a Lease Seller, or charge once you’re ready to take over the Lease Sellers lease.

At AutoLeaseBreakers.com we do not charge Lease Buyers. Only the Lease Seller may purchase one of our packages to list their lease in the marketplace.

Can I offer incentives to make my listing more attractive?

Yes! In many cases it may make sense for a Lease Seller to sweeten their deal by offering an incentive. Lease Buyers view this is a great way to reduce their monthly lease payments for the remainder of the lease if they decide to take over the lease. Its very common for a Lease Seller to offer 1 to 2 months of lease payments as an incentive to transfer a lease.

Typical incentives include offering to pay transfer fees, make payments for the Buyer or even offer cash for taking over the lease.

If your monthly lease payment is not competitive, or you have used more miles than appropriate, offering a cash incentive is a good way to offset any areas of your lease that may not be attractive to a Lease Buyer, and improve the speed and odds for a successful lease transfer.

How to calculate the effective payment on a car lease

A common question among consumers who lease a car is how to calculate the true value of their car lease payments when a cash incentive or down payment has been applied. For example, when leasing a new car, or taking over a lease in a swap lease, the consumer may negotiate a monthly lease payment of $250 a month. But what would the monthly payments be if the consumer were able to apply a down payment on their lease? Better yet, what is you were taking over someones lease via a swap lease for the remainder of their lease term and you the lease seller offered a cash incentive of $1000 to take over the car lease? How would this impact your monthly car lease payments? This is what is referred to is the effective payment on a car lease, and I’ll show you a simple way how to calculate the effective payment. Continue reading “How to calculate the effective payment on a car lease” »

What is a cash incentive in a lease swap?

You’ve lost your job, run into financial difficulties or simply need the cash, so you’ve decided to get out of your car lease early. But, if you return your lease to the dealer or lease company you’ll get dinged a large fee. So you did a bit of research on how to get out of  your car lease and discovered there are lease transfer marketplaces as AutoLeaseBreakers.com to list your lease for others to find and take over your car lease via a lease swap. As you begin this process to get out of your car lease, you discover something called a ‘cash incentive’ or ‘cash bonus’ offered by others who are seeking to get out of their car lease. What is a swap lease cash bonus or cash incentive?

Continue reading “What is a cash incentive in a lease swap?” »

Can I add photos to my lease listing?

Yes! Real photos of the vehicle attract more Lease Buyers.

Simply upload your photos when adding your lease to the marketplace,  or use one of our default photos.

If you don’t have any photos readily available, no problem. Once your photos are ready you can upload and change them directly within your account at anytime. You don’t need to wait to list your lease until you have your photos as we’ll provide default stock photos in the meantime. When you’re ready to add your own, you can do so directly in your account.