How are long-distance lease transfers normally handled?

When a long distance separates the Lease Buyer and Lease Seller, normally arrangements to inspect the vehicle and get it to the Buyer are worked out between the parties involved.

We have seen many different arrangements work, ranging from the Buyer or Seller driving to meet each other, having the vehicle inspected by a dealer or mechanic and having the vehicle transported by a shipping service.

Others have used Sea Rail to transfer their vehicle across long distances. We recommend we look into their services.

What are the fees for Lease Buyers?

There are none. Zero. Zilch. De Nada.

Unlike other lease swapping marketplaces, we charge zero fees for lease buyers registration and zero fees to contact Lease Sellers. This eliminates any barriers for a quick lease transfer.

Note: Be aware that other lease transfer marketplaces may charge use their services, such as registering for a Lease Buyer account, or charge to contact a Lease Seller, or charge once you’re ready to take over the Lease Sellers lease.

At we do not charge Lease Buyers. Only the Lease Seller may purchase one of our packages to list their lease in the marketplace.

Do I need good credit to take over a lease?

Each Lease Buyer applying for lease transfer will go through a credit approval process with the leasing company that owns the vehicle.

All leasing companies have their own standards for decision making on credit approvals, and for this reason it is difficult to say what type of credit history is required in order to gain approval on a lease transfer.

However, in general has found that a relatively high level of credit is necessary to successfully take over a lease. Note, does not facilitate any credit checks on behalf of the lease seller or lease buyer.

How long does the lease transfer process generally take?

The time frame for lease transfer varies broadly from leasing company to leasing company. Some leasing companies can complete the process in as little as a week while others may take several. The timing is dependent upon three factors.

The first factor is the credit decision process, which generally takes 24 to 48 hours. The second factor entails creation and processing of the required lease transfer documents, which generally takes 3 to 5 business days.

Lastly mail and turnaround times must be included. Typically, figure on at least 7-14 business days to complete the entire process.

Do I have any control over which leasing company is used?

Every lease listing at is currently under lease by a specific leasing company, and is being offered for lease assumption by the current lessee.

In lease assumptions, the original lease terms and conditions apply. A Lease Buyer is not agreeing to a new lease, but is agreeing to take over the remainder of an existing lease, through the existing leasing company.