Transfer a car lease

A car lease transfer is a process in the leasing market that is exploding as a popular alternative for consumers who are actively leasing a car, and have a need to end the lease term early by transferring the lease to another individual.

More than ever now, consumers demand new methods to acquire a vehicle they want. Financing a purchase of a vehicle is the traditional method, while new methods as lease transfers, or lease takeovers, as well as vehicle rentals through community coops are the more recent methods consumers benefiting from. The lease transfer process to get into a short term lease has been around for many years, however over the last few years its due to its growing exposure and demand, has become an extremely popular method to acquire a vehicle at a lesser cost and shorter period of time.

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How lease transfer works

You can learn about the actual lease transfer process here, however the general idea of how a lease transfer works is as follows. An individual who is actively leasing a car for a committed term (ex. 3-5 years) and seeking to end a lease early, is known as the Lease Seller. The Lease Seller has the need to end the lease early for whatever reason. Everyone’s reasons are unique for getting of a lease early and perform a lease transfer. It might be for financial reasons, loss of job, health reasons, a divorce, purchase of a new home, new baby, or that they simply want to get into a new model of vehicle. Whatever their reason to transfer a lease, it creates the opportunity for a Lease Buyer to benefit. Continue reading “How lease transfer works” »

Benefits of a lease transfer

Everyone has their reason for performing a lease transfer to get out of a lease early, and with this comes many benefits. The primary benefit of transferring a lease comes down the personal and financial benefits you gain from ending a lease early.

The future lease payments you’d have to pay on your vehicle goes back into your pocket. Many reasons to get of a lease early include the loss of job and financial difficulties and its no longer feasible to pay for the lease, health reasons that prevent you to drive, saving of cash as a new baby is on the way, or getting married or the purchase of a home. Continue reading “Benefits of a lease transfer” »

Why take over a lease? The benefits

The lease transfer process where an individual seeks to transfer their car lease to someone offers a number of benefits to the Lease Buyer, the individual who assumes or takes over a lease. Taking over a lease is an advantageous method to getting into a more luxurious or desirable vehicle, at a much lessor costs and time commitment on the lease. The individual who takes over a lease is acquiring what is known as a short term lease.

A lease take over, also known as a lease trade, or swap a lease, or lease transfer, is the simple means of assuming or taking over the lease of another individual. At the heart of it, its basically a paperwork to complete the lease transfer to take over the vehicle. The only challenging component is finding the right match between a Lease Seller and Lease Buyer….similar to selling a car and shopping for a buyer and/or seller.

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Where to find a lease for take over or swap

The process of transferring a lease to another individual is growing in popularity as more consumers educate themselves on their rights and options when it comes to auto leasing.

Still today, the most common knowledge to end a lease early is to either return it to the dealer and pay an expensive penalty, or attempt to ‘trade-in’ a lease before the end of the lease term for a new lease, thinking they’re escaping any penalty or fees for ending the lease early. Continue reading “Where to find a lease for take over or swap” »