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Helping People, Help People

Our business is founded on a simple idea of helping people, help people, in difficult times. We simply nurture and facilitate the simple idea through marketplaces to connect people with one another. It’s a win-win for both, and while the concept extends itself to many other areas, we simply applied it to auto leasing. It’s that simple.

AutoLeaseBreakers.com provides one of North America’s most popular auto leasing marketplaces to help people get out of their car lease early, without penalties. We understand people commit themselves to long term financial obligations, where anything can happen between the time they get into a new lease, and the time their lease agreement expires. In these situations, we provide the means to help these people by get out of their car lease early by finding others who seek to benefit from getting into a short term auto lease. We simply provide one of the largest networks and marketplaces to bring the two together to help one another.

Providing the marketplace for consumers to terminate a lease early is the ends to the means. We also provide the resources to help educate consumers about auto leasing, including the process on how to get out of a car lease, and take over a car lease. Knowledge is power, and empowering the consumer before they commit themselves to significant financial obligations as a new auto lease or used lease we feel is our way of doing our part.

If you’ve ever leased a car, at one point in time you may of asked yourself how I can get out of a car lease before the lease term is due, without the penalties. This is where AutoLeaseBreakers.com is the solution, offering one of North Americans most extensive swap a lease marketplaces. Consumers post their lease for transfer, where thousands of consumers browse and contact the lease seller to arrange a lease transfer.

Consumers throughout USA and Canada use AutoLeaseBreakers.com to terminate their lease early, and take over a short term lease. Our team of experts hold a strong belief in customer service, complimented with one of the strongest digital marketing and sales minds working together with one common interest – help people in need by matching them with people who can help.

How Can We Help You?

If you seeking to learn how you can get out of a car lease early, or ready to swap a lease, we can help. As a Lease Seller when you publish your lease to the marketplace we immediately begin working to match your lease with buyers who are actively seeking to take over a lease. We match you with people who can help you get out of your lease early, by taking it over, or assuming the lease.

We also help Lease Buyers, consumers who understand the advantage of taking over a lease for a short term. We match Lease Buyers with leases available for lease transfer that match the type of lease they’re seeking by any of their personal criteria; vehicle make, model, monthly payments, location, etc.

Together we help both. How to get out of a car lease early, and take over a short term lease. Have a question on how we can help? Contact our support team or visit our FAQ’s section. We’re ready to help.

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