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Lease Transfer Process
How to Take Over a Lease

Step 2: Match-Making – Matching a Lease You Want

AutoLeaseBreakers.com offer Lease Buyers the ability to quickly browse, search, save and contact Lease Sellers for any lease available for transfer. We help Lease Buyers in the matchmaking process by matching leases that fit the criteria the Lease Buyer is seeking. Whether its by locale, or vehicle make, model, type, payments, etc., we'll match you with the right lease. We help Lease Buyers by:

  • Quick search to find leases for transfer
  • Advanced search to drill down on specific lease details
  • Browse leases for transfer
  • Local search for leases in your area
  • Save favourite leases to your Lease Buyer account
  • Create Dream Leases to quickly match lease at any time that match the Lease Buyers interest
  • Receive matches via email in our weekly calls to Lease Buyers with recent matches
  • And more...

To help Lease Buyers and Lease Sellers be successful in the lease transfer process, we offer Lease Buyers the ability to create "Dream Leases". The Lease Buyer simply tells us the type of lease(s) they're seeking, and we'll match leases that fit that description. Lease Buyers can access their matches directly in their account, or wait every week when we contact them directly with leases that match what they're seeking.

When Lease Buyers browse leases available for transfer, we also offer them the ability to quickly target leases in their city or state/province. Locale can be critical in a Lease Buyers search, and we make it easy.

Lease Buyers tell us what type of auto lease you're seeking, and we'll do the work for you to find a lease available for transfer that matches your needs.

Step 3: Communicate with Lease Sellers