How car leasing works

Jun 28

If we’ve answered your question on what is auto leasing, let’s know look at how it works. The more confident you are knowing the details and understanding how auto leasing works, the better equipped you’ll be when you make your lease decision.

Those who choose not to educate themselves first on leasing, will make themselves prone to losing out on a good lease deal, how to calculate lease payments – your monthly expense, and the info you should know when negotiating a lease agreement. The end result may cost you some serious costly mistakes and the possibility of feeling cheated. So like anything new that you’re investing into – do your homework and educate yourself.

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How auto leasing works

Feb 12

An lease is simply an agreement between two people/companies/parties, that specify the terms and conditions for the rental of a vehicle. For auto leases, this agreement is not between the individual and the car dealership, but between the individual (or company) and the leasing company. The leasing company is selected by the dealership. Continue reading “How auto leasing works” »

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