How are long-distance lease transfers normally handled?

When a long distance separates the Lease Buyer and Lease Seller, normally arrangements to inspect the vehicle and get it to the Buyer are worked out between the parties involved.

We have seen many different arrangements work, ranging from the Buyer or Seller driving to meet each other, having the vehicle inspected by a dealer or mechanic and having the vehicle transported by a shipping service.

Others have used Sea Rail to transfer their vehicle across long distances. We recommend we look into their services.

Manufacturer subsidized auto lease

The manufacturer subsidized lease is one of the most sought after types of leases.

The dealership may have a urgency to move the vehicle lease off the lot, whether it be for new shipments arriving or the need to get rid of older models.

The manufacturer may offer a very low interest rate on the vehicle, or increase the residual value of the car than the average lease. Essentially any loss due to the a ‘massaged’ residual value by the manufacturer is the consumers gain.

The manufacturer subsidized lease is also known as the “subvented lease”.

What are the fees for Lease Buyers?

There are none. Zero. Zilch. De Nada.

Unlike other lease swapping marketplaces, we charge zero fees for lease buyers registration and zero fees to contact Lease Sellers. This eliminates any barriers for a quick lease transfer.

Note: Be aware that other lease transfer marketplaces may charge use their services, such as registering for a Lease Buyer account, or charge to contact a Lease Seller, or charge once you’re ready to take over the Lease Sellers lease.

At we do not charge Lease Buyers. Only the Lease Seller may purchase one of our packages to list their lease in the marketplace.

Car Leasing 101 – The Basics

Welcome to the first step in our online auto leasing school. In our car leasing 101 you’ll learn the very basics and foundation of auto leasing.

At this point we’ll assume you do not know what car leasing is, or you have a very general knowledge of it, or you’re simply seeking a refresher. Either way, car leasing 101 is to simplify the concept of auto leasing and the basic understanding of what car leasing is, the types of leases, differences in financing via leasing versus other methods, and more.

So let’s get started…

  • What is car leasing?
  • Why lease a car?
  • Types of auto leases
  • closed end leases
  • open end leases
  • manufacturer subsidized leases
  • Auto leasing versus buying
  • Auto leasing versus renting
  • Is leasing right for you?
  • How auto leasing works
  • What is a short term auto lease?
 Think you know this stuff already? Great! Let’s get into auto leasing 201.

Can I offer incentives to make my listing more attractive?

Yes! In many cases it may make sense for a Lease Seller to sweeten their deal by offering an incentive. Lease Buyers view this is a great way to reduce their monthly lease payments for the remainder of the lease if they decide to take over the lease. Its very common for a Lease Seller to offer 1 to 2 months of lease payments as an incentive to transfer a lease.

Typical incentives include offering to pay transfer fees, make payments for the Buyer or even offer cash for taking over the lease.

If your monthly lease payment is not competitive, or you have used more miles than appropriate, offering a cash incentive is a good way to offset any areas of your lease that may not be attractive to a Lease Buyer, and improve the speed and odds for a successful lease transfer.