In the lease transfer or lease swap marketplace, there are 2 popular marketplaces among Canadians where consumers can connect with others who are seeking to get out of a car lease, and those seeking to take over a short term lease through a swap a lease process; and LeaseBusters.

Both offer different, yet similar services to consumers needing to exit a lease or take over a car lease. However, Canadian consumers either seeking how to get out of a car lease, or find a lease take over, have options to browse available lease assumptions throughout Canada in both lease swap marketplaces. For example, Canadian consumers in Toronto, Vancouver, or Quebec can search locally to find a lease for takeover, or post their lease for assumption.

The swap a lease process is technically known as a lease assumption, where both and Lease busters developed a market to help Canadian consumers terminate a car lease early through this lease transfer process, or lease assumption process.

Over the last few years Canadian consumers have become more aware of the option to terminate a car lease early by transferring the lease to someone who wants to take it over. As there are a number of advantages to take over a lease, it becomes a win-win for both parties, and and became the popular option among Canadians to find leases for takeover offered by consumers  wanting to get out of a car lease early.

How the lease transfer process works is actually quite simple, and the reputable customer services of and offers helps consumers facilitate the process.

Consumers wanting out of their car lease can post their vehicle for free with, along with paid options to speed up the process with both and leasebusters. However consumers don’t necessarily require to post their leases to these two lease marketplaces to end their lease early. If the consumer can find another individual who is credit worthy to take it over, then the consumer can possibly find a successful lease transfer. But with a large marketplace that attracts tens of thousands of consumers browsing to take over a lease throughout Ontario, Quebec, BC and throughout Canada, its one of the best places to help consumers get out of a car lease early.

Similar to, when you have a vehicle you want or need to sell, the Canadian market know where they can go to find a large inventory of local used cars for sale. This works the same for Canadian consumers wanting to transfer a car lease. They turn to or as these two lease swap marketplaces offer the largest Canadian inventory of consumers leases available for lease take over.

Consumers can compare and to determine which lease transfer marketplace is right for them, or use both to get the largest exposure to active Canadian lease buyers.

Whichever marketplace you choose, sticking with a lease assumption brand that is reputable and recognizable will help assure a successful lease transfer.

Any consumer who needs to get out of a car lease, or take over a lease should do their due diligence with the lease buyer and lease seller, and contact the leasing company first to get all the necessary details to ensure you’ve found the right lease.

This includes confirming the lease can be transferred with the leasing company, and any vehicle lease maintenance and service records in case the vehicle had previous damage, and still covered under warranty.

By taking these common steps in the lease transfer process, and using and/or lease busters will provide you the exposure you need to get out of your lease, and be assured they’ve started the path to a successful lease transfer and experience.

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