Is it possible to transfer a lease to another part of the country or outside the United States?


Restrictions on lease transfer boundaries are set by the particular leasing company involved. is not aware of any leasing companies that allow you to transfer the vehicle outside of the United States or Canada.

In most cases, leasing companies will allow lease transfers within/between states and provinces inside their lending area.

To get more information if an auto lease can be transferred from Canada to USA, or USA to Canada, contact the Lease Sellers leasing company to inquire if they have cross-border operations and policies.

However if you’re seeking to take over a lease from another province in Canada or state in the USA, this is possible in many situations, but again, is dependent upon the policies and operations of the leasing company. Since many leasing companies are national, you’ll find most leases can be transferred across the country and to another state, or province. There are services too that can help you with the inspection and shipment / transportation of the lease.

Contact the Lease Sellers leasing company to get full information if they allow a lease transfer to different provinces or states.

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