What is a Platinum Lease listing in the lease transfer marketplace?

The Platinum Leasing listing is the premium package we offer consumers who are seeking the fastest way to get out of their car lease. The Platinum Lease listing offers the largest amount of exposure with active Lease Buyers in the lease transfer marketplace and network.

The Platinum Lease listing package among our popular options with Lease Sellers to transfer a lease as these consumers understand the more Lease Buyers exposure they can get with their lease, the faster they can get out of their car lease, and the more money they’ll save on future lease payments.

This premium lease listing package offers consumers:

  • Top search results
    • Just like top position in Google gets most traffic, so do lease listings positioned at the top of search results when Lease Buyer search by vehicle make (ex. BMW) or location (ex. New York).
  • Local Buyers
    • The majority of lease transfers happen locally within your city. We help tailor the leases for transfer locally to Lease Buyers to help them find your lease quickly. However, we do not limit the searches to just locally, as Lease Buyers from another state or province will easily be able to find your lease for transfer.
  • Sales Calls
    • Our sales messaging service will connect and inform active Lease Buyers of the availability of your lease.
  • Sales Call Priority
    • A Platinum Lease listing gets top priority in the sales calls messaging service to introduce your lease first to active Lease Buyers.
  • Global Marketplace Banner Advertising
    • Only Platinum Lease listings receive no-charge banner advertising in our prime real-estate within the marketplace to promote their lease.
  • Related Leases
    • When Lease Buyers browse and search leases for transfer, we sometimes tailor related leases to help them in their search. Platinum Lease listings are included in the related leases to enhance their availability. Example: If your from New York or California, and a Lease Buyer was searching for a  BMW in New York, he/she may view a BMW lease from another individual in your area. But with a Platinum lease listing, your lease will display as a ‘related lease’ when the Buyer is browsing the other BMW lease.
  • Highlighted Search Results
    • Platinum Lease listings are emphasized in the marketplace search results with a highlighted listing – no additional charge.
  • Lifetime listing
    • There are not time duration terms set on this package. A Platinum Lease listing will remain in the marketplace, network and our sales and marketing system until its transferred.
  • Lease Buyer Exposure
    • Always you get the highest priority exposure with active Lease Buyers
  • Photos
    • You get the maximum amount of photos (10 photos) applicable for your lease listing.
  • Lease Buyer Registration Fee
    • $0. waived. There are no Lease Buyer registration fees applicable. While other marketplaces may charge Lease Buyers to view, access and/or contact someone trying to get out of their lease, we view this as a barrier and bottleneck to help you get out of a car lease QUICKLY!
  • Lease Transfer Success Fee
    • $0. Your success in a quick lease transfer is our reward as we know the next time you want to transfer a lease, or know someone who wants to get out of a car lease, you’ll be sure to refer them to AutoLeaseBreakers.com lease transfer marketplace. Be aware of others who charge fees for your success.
  • Support
    • 24/7 Client Care support
  • Buyer Watch List
    • Lease Buyers can add Platinum leases to their watch list, and will get informed as soon as the lease becomes available for transfer.
  • Concierge Service
    • Platinum Lease listings receive additional concierge services.


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