Can I take over a lease in another state or province?

Yes, however you should first always confirm with the leasing company.  Although many leasing companies are national, some leasing companies may have policies against cross province or cross state lease take overs in the lease agreement.

While there are many lease transfers cross state and cross province, very few circumstances can you perform a lease transfer cross country. However, this should not be a detriment to getting out of your car or taking over a lease, as lease swap marketplaces as allows Americans and Canadians to post their lease for transfer in both countries, allowing citizens of both countries to search for a lease transfer within their own country, as well as hyper-local search options to find a lease transfer right in your community and city. 

Consumers thinking about how I can get out of a car lease, should be aware of affordable transportation options to assume a car lease cross province or cross state. For example, an individual in New York may find the ideal BMW lease in California. If the leasing company allows for cross state lease transfers, then the individual could still assume the lease, and have a specific shipping company transport the BMW cross country. Similarly, a consumer in Toronto may want to swap a lease to someone in Vancouver. Again, if the leasing company is national and allows lease swaps cross province, then a lease transfer can easily be performed. There are also Canadian transportation companies known as car movers, who can help facilitate the transport of you lease from Toronto to Vancouver.

So remember, if you’re thinking how can you get out of a car lease, know your options may be much wider than your local city. When you decide to become a lease buster, always know options are available to swap a lease outside your province or state….but due diligence and always confirm with the leasing company first.

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