Are there any additional or hidden fees involved in lease transfers?

0 has zero hidden fees. We only charge the fee of listing the vehicle lease with Auto Lease Breakers. However, be aware of other online lease market places who have hidden fees. There is typically one hidden fee found with other lease swapping marketplaces, beyond charging lease buyers to register (a barrier for lease buyers).

This includes the nominal fees charged to facilitate the lease transfer process, and those fees required by the leasing company who holds the vehicle lease. Leasing company fees can include both credit application and lease transfer fees. Each leasing company has their own fee structure, and they vary broadly from one company to the next. However, be aware of lease swapping sites who have other hidden fees such as adding additional photos, adding additional vehicle lease details, and charging lease buyers to contact your lease advertisement.

As with any change of vehicle “ownership”, there may be vehicle licensing or registration fees required by your state. Policies and fees vary by state. The leasing company which holds the lease can advise you on how to manage these details, since technically they “own” the vehicle. Some states may require payment of taxes, in addition to the use tax normally included in monthly lease payments. These are a matter of policy in each state. does not have expert knowledge of these taxes. If you are unsure about your state’s policies, you can check with the agency that handles taxes for your state, or ask a local auto dealer who should be able to advise you on how taxes are handled in vehicle purchase or lease transactions.

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