What costs and hidden fees are involved for if I want to transfer my car lease?

Their can be a few typical fees involved to get out of your car lease early. These fee include:

  1. Listing Fee (also free)
    1. Fee to list your lease in an online lease transfer marketplace, such as AutoLeaseBreakers.com. However, a free option is available to list your lease in the marketplace for people needing to get out of their car lease.
  2. Lease success fee
    1. Some lease swap or lease transfer marketplaces will charge the Lease Seller additional lease transfer success fees, sometimes ranging in the hundreds of dollars, if a successful lease transfer is made. At AutoLeaseBreakers.com, we do not charge any lease success fees – we keep it simple and affordable.
  3. Lease Buyer fees
    1. Some lease swap marketplaces will charge the Lease Buyer to contact the Lease Seller about further details of their lease. We view this as a barrier to helping you get out of a lease quickly, and do not charge a penny to Lease Buyers to browse and contact you to help you get out of a car lease early.
  4. Lease transfer fees
    1. The lease transfer fees are typically administration fees charged by the leasing company to facilitate the lease transfer paperwork process. These fees will range from leasing company to leasing company.
  5. Hidden fees
    1. Some leasing companies and lease transfer marketplaces may charge additional fees for services. These fees may range so its best to contact the leasing company or lease swap marketplace directly. At AutoLeaseBreakers.com lease swap marketplace, the only costs the Lease Seller pays is to list their lease, which we also have a free option too. Beyond this we do not charge any additional fees, nor charge Lease Buyers to sign up or contact you. Simple, effective and affordable.


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