How will a lease buyer contact me to take over my lease?

As a Lease Seller, when you publish your auto lease to get out of your car lease early, there are two methods an active Lease Buyer will reach you to initiate the lease transfer process. We value the privacy of our members information and offer private and secure methods for contacting one another, as well as release of personal contact information only at the discretion of the two parties involved.The first, a potential Lease Buyer will initiate contact through the Lease Sellers lead advertisement. An interested Lease Buyer can ask questions or other information immediately and directly within the lease advertisement page. The message will be sent immediately to the Lease Sellers account inbox where they will receive and manage all Lease Buyers messages and conversations. The Lease Seller will be immediately notified when a new message arrives. Both Lease Seller and Lease Buyer receive free private account inbox’s to correspond.

The second way a Lease Buyer can contact a Lease Seller to take over the lease is directly. When a Lease Buyer initiates contact with the Lease Seller, personal information can be exchanged at the discretion of both parties. This will allow the two to connect via the phone to address any questions and arrange a time to meet or look at the vehicle.

We retain all Lease Buyers and Lease Seller contact information private and confidential. Only the Lease Buyer and Lease Seller can choose to exchange this personal information as their own discretion directly through their personal accounts.

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