What info do I need to add my lease?


When you’re ready to list your lease for transfer in a lease swap or lease transfer marketplace as AutoLeaseBreakers.com, you’ll require the following information.

  1. Contact information
    1. When you register, provide the contact information, such as email address, that a Lease Buyer will use to contact you if they have questions about your lease, or ready to start the lease transfer process. This includes name, address, phone numbers, email, etc.
  2. Vehicle information
    1. Basic information about your lease, including vehicle make, model, style, features, current mileage, features, etc.
  3. Lease information
    1. Leasing company, monthly payment, approximate lease end date (your lease contract is a good source for these details).
  4. Photos
    1. A few photos of your lease is worth a thousand words, and has shown to increase the amount of Lease Buyer inquiries. A Lease Seller can take a few photos of their lease with a digital camera, iphone, etc, and upload the photos directly within their account. We allow Lease Sellers to change photos directly in their account anytime. If no photos are provided, we apply a default stock photo of your vehicle make until a photo is provided.
    2. Its to the advantage of the Lease Seller to post one or more photos, as statistics show more Lease Buyers contact a Lease Seller who have real photos of their lease published.

When publishing your lease for transfer, always first check with your leasing company to get all service and maintenance records, and their process for credit checks and other lease transfer requirements. This will help speed up the lease transfer process and provide all available information immediately to interested Lease Buyer parties.

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