How can I get out of a car lease? I’m broke. Can you help?

Absolutely. was founded on the idea of people helping people. And were here to help encourage and foster this idea. This is why you’ll find we offer a free lease listing package for individuals who are experiencing financial challenges and need to end their car lease through a swap a lease process (lease assumption).

This is why we offer consumers a free option to list their car lease to the lease transfer marketplace. The free lease listing will allow you to post your lease to an active marketplace of lease buyers, and utilized our sales and marketing solutions to help find a successful lease transfer. Once a lease buyer match has been found who expresses interest in taking over your lease, you have the option to respond and continue the process.

Consumers who consider the free lease listing option will find it’s a great option that won’t cost a $0.01 until a lease buyer is interested in your lease. It’s pay for performance. When you select the free lease listing package from our packages page, you can quickly review and compare what you get with the lease listing package. For example, you’ll find there are also affordable and more premium packages available to help facilitate a faster lease transfer process. Now that’s not to say a free lease listing won’t help get your lease transferred quicker, it simply means the non-free lease listing packages offer greater exposure and services to target a larger audience of active lease buyers.

Remember, there are a number of factors that influence speed of a lease transfer. These include…

  1. High exposure in a marketplace of active lease buyers
  2. Popularity and desirability of the vehicle
  3. Monthly payments (which can be reduced to the lease buyer via offering a cash bonus / incentive)
  4. Cash bonus / incentive
  5. Location
  6. Vehicle condition, wear and tear
  7. Mileage
  8. Term remaining on the car lease

Every lease buyer has their opinion and preference of what’s most important to them. On average, the top 3 reasons are listed above, but this will vary from lease buyer to lease buyer.

Have a review of lease listing transfer packages and find a package that makes sense for you. After all, the faster you can get out of your lease, the sooner you’ll save more cash on ongoing monthly car lease payments.

Got questions or an experience to share about how you got out of a car lease, or took over a car lease? Comment below, and spread some karma by clicking the Google +1 button and Facebook ‘Like’ button.

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