How do I benefit and save money from a swap a lease?

The Lease Seller, the individual seeking how to get out their auto lease, and the Lease Buyer, the individual wanting to take over the lease, both benefit and can save thousands from the swap a lease transfer process.

You can learn more how to take over a lease here, but in this post we’ll help you understand why transferring an auto lease has exploded in popularity and a valuable option to take into a new or used vehicle, versus buying a new car or new lease.

Lease Buyers

A Lease Buyer is an individual seeking to take over someone else’s car lease. Every Lease Buyer has their reasons to take over a someone else’s car lease, but primarily they understand the value and benefits to this great option to get into a newer vehicle.

Advantages of Taking Over a Lease

  • Save thousands on monthly lease payments
  • Benefit from cash incentives offered by Lease Sellers
  • Benefit from any down payments the Lease Seller originally put down on their new lease to bring down their monthly lease payments.
  • Commitment is short term. You’re not committing yourself to a full 3 or 5 year lease term. You’re taking over the remainder of someone else’s lease term. For example, if someone has already paid their lease for the last 2 years on a 3 year lease, you could potentially take over the lease for the remaining 1 year.
  • Taking over a lease from a swap a lease process offers the potential for lower monthly payments, which depending on the Lease Buyers budget, allows them to get into a more luxury auto lease (ex. BMW lease) for less than leasing a new BMW. Taking over a lease is a great option to get into a more luxury vehicle for less.
  • Potentially no depreciating value. Since you’re returning the lease at the end of the shorter lease term, you’re not incurring the nondepreciating value vs. having bought the vehicle new.
  • Warranty: If the Lease Seller leased the vehicle new, then the Lease Buyer potentially could take over a lease with a warranty still remaining, helping reduce any risk of costly vehicle maintenance repairs.
  • Mileage: A Lease Buyer can benefit from a vehicle with lower mileage and with no down payment.

Advantages to Get Out of Your Lease Early

  • The biggest advantage of getting out of a lease early is if you’re going through financial challenges, or need to save more money by getting out of your lease now, then the lease transfer process is a great option.
  • It’s low cost, meaning no penalties incurred) to transfer your car lease.
  • Relatively easy process; a paper work process
  • Should not affect your credit score

There are a number of specialized lease transfer companies and marketplaces who can help you find a lease buyer, there are a select few reputable brands in the North American marketplace, such as, Swapalease, LeaseBusters and LeaseTrader. Each lease transfer marketplace offers the same end goal to get out of a lease and take over a lease, but range in costs and add-on services that some may find unnecessary when they learn how easy it is to get out of a car lease, and take over a car lease. The only challenge is finding the buyers, which these lease swap marketplaces offer. These companies help with the lease assumption process, which is much less than a lease company’s early termination penalties and costs. Be sure to review and compare each marketplace when seeking to get out of a lease to see which marketplace(s) are best for you, and consider free options to list your lease with

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