How will a Lease Buyer contact me about me lease?

Nov 2

We offer a secure messaging system directly in your account for both Lease Buyers and Lease Sellers.

When a Lease Buyer contacts you about your lease, their message will be delivered directly to your account inbox. This way you’re guaranteed no messages will get lost to your ISP or computer antivirus spam filters. The messages are safe and secure, and a history of all your messages will be retained.

When a Lease Buyer initially contacts you, we’ll immediately send a notification to your email account on file. You can then login directly to access and reply to the message. Every time a message is received we’ll notify you.

Remember, unlike other lease swap marketplaces, does not charge Lease Buyers to register or contact you. Its 100% free. We view this as a barrier to helping you get out of your car lease quickly.

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Do I need good credit to take over a lease?

Oct 12

Each Lease Buyer applying for lease transfer will go through a credit approval process with the leasing company that owns the vehicle.

All leasing companies have their own standards for decision making on credit approvals, and for this reason it is difficult to say what type of credit history is required in order to gain approval on a lease transfer.

However, in general has found that a relatively high level of credit is necessary to successfully take over a lease. Note, does not facilitate any credit checks on behalf of the lease seller or lease buyer.

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How do I offer a cash incentive?

Oct 12

Lease Sellers offering a cash incentive is a great way to attract Lease Buyers to take over the lease.

Lease Buyers view cash incentives as a value-added way to lower the lease payments for the remainder of the lease, or to be used against any lease transfer fees.

Incentives also don’t need to always be cash…though its the most preferred. A Lease Seller may also offer other incentives to take over a lease, such as after market vehicle add-ons, tire rims, custom stereo systems, GPS and map devices, etc.

To offer an incentive, login to your account and edit your lease details. If it’s a cash incentive, you can input the cash value directly in the field. If it’s an additional incentive, there are comment fields to add any special comments and promote additional incentives.

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How long does the lease transfer process generally take?

Oct 5

The time frame for lease transfer varies broadly from leasing company to leasing company. Some leasing companies can complete the process in as little as a week while others may take several. The timing is dependent upon three factors.

The first factor is the credit decision process, which generally takes 24 to 48 hours. The second factor entails creation and processing of the required lease transfer documents, which generally takes 3 to 5 business days.

Lastly mail and turnaround times must be included. Typically, figure on at least 7-14 business days to complete the entire process.

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Can I afford to swap my lease?

Oct 2

Yes. We understand our business is all about people helping people. Lease buyers help lease sellers by taking over their lease. And vice versa, a lease seller is helping a lease buyer the affordability to get into their ideal lease for less.

The only difficult issue with getting out of a car lease is finding the lease buyers. This is where offers the marketplace for consumers to swap a lease. We understand it takes both parties to work, and the majority of time the consumer who needs to know how I can get out of a car lease is doing the lease swap because of financial challenges.  We understand this and no offer any lease buyer who needs to get out of your lease the opportunity with no upfront financial risk. Continue reading “Can I afford to swap my lease?” »

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