Where to find a lease for take over or swap


The process of transferring a lease to another individual is growing in popularity as more consumers educate themselves on their rights and options when it comes to auto leasing.

Still today, the most common knowledge to end a lease early is to either return it to the dealer and pay an expensive penalty, or attempt to ‘trade-in’ a lease before the end of the lease term for a new lease, thinking they’re escaping any penalty or fees for ending the lease early.This is ‘trade-in’ concept is a large misconception among the market, as the dealer will offer ‘trade-in’ value on your current lease, and spread any penalties or fees from breaking your old lease into the monthly payments of your new lease. When this happens, the individual ends up paying more as they are paying monthly interest on these payments.

Along comes the lease transfer process, a method to end a lease early, with no penalties, which dealers typically won’t inform the individual about. Some dealers will add in the lease agreement that a lease transfer is not allowed, however this offers the consumer negotiating leverage before getting into a lease agreement.

To find auto leases from people seeking to end the lease early via a lease transfer, can be found mostly online. There are specialized marketplaces online, such as AutoLeaseBreakers.com, who caters to matching people seeking to transfer a lease, with those people seeking to take over a lease. This process is also known as swap a lease or bust a lease.

The goal of these lease assumption or lease trade businesses is to create the marketplace where both the Lease Seller and Lease Buyer can find each other, both with common needs. As more people realize the significant benefits of taking over a lease, it’s become a popular option to allow an individual to get out of a lease early.

Other online lease transfer marketplaces other than AutoLeaseBreakers.com, includes Swap a Lease, Lease Trader and Lease Busters. These are the more established businesses in the market, however each one may have something unique to offer.

Some companies will provide middleman services to manage the entire process of a lease transfer, including the credit check of the lease buyer, the documentation from the lease company, etc. Other companies will simply facilitate bringing the Lease Buyer and Lease Seller together, which is the biggest value of all the services combined. Individuals can easily facilitate the lease transfer process themselves, as its simply involves the leasing company performing a credit check and sending the paper work for both parties to sign. Those companies who act as a middleman to facilitate this process will charge more costly fees for their services.

Remember, the best value in these services is finding a match to take over the lease. Everything else falls into place and can easily be guided from a phone call to your leasing company.


  1. Provide the fastest means to finding someone to take over a lease. This is the primary and only objective of their services.
  2. Costs are typically very affordable, which are less than 1 monthly lease payment or the cost of night out at the movies.


  • Upsell services that the individual can easily manage themselves
  • No guarantee. While these services are the best and fastest means to transfer a lease, it is unfortunately there are too many variables of each and everyone’s lease that determines how quickly it will transfer. From vehicle popularity, monthly payments, mileage, etc.
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