Car leasing 201

Car leasing 201 in our leasing school bulids on the fundamentals you learned in car leasing 101. In leasing 101, you learned what is a car leas, the differences between leasing vs. buying a car, and what is a short term lease.

In leasing 201  we get into more detail about leases. This information will help you determine if leasing a car or taking over a car lease is right for you. You’ll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of leasing, what is a lease assumption, and the lease transfer process.

In leasing 201 you’ll learn more about…

  • Advantages of leasing
  • Disadvantages of leasing
  • What is lease assumption?
  • Transfer a lease
  • Take over a lease
  • Where to find a lease takeover
  • Leasing considerations
  • Your leasing checklist

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