Car Leasing 101 – The Basics

Welcome to the first step in our online auto leasing school. In our car leasing 101 you’ll learn the very basics and foundation of auto leasing.

At this point we’ll assume you do not know what car leasing is, or you have a very general knowledge of it, or you’re simply seeking a refresher. Either way, car leasing 101 is to simplify the concept of auto leasing and the basic understanding of what car leasing is, the types of leases, differences in financing via leasing versus other methods, and more.

So let’s get started…

  • What is car leasing?
  • Why lease a car?
  • Types of auto leases
  • closed end leases
  • open end leases
  • manufacturer subsidized leases
  • Auto leasing versus buying
  • Auto leasing versus renting
  • Is leasing right for you?
  • How auto leasing works
  • What is a short term auto lease?
 Think you know this stuff already? Great! Let’s get into auto leasing 201.

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