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2013 Toyota for Lease Transfer


Take Over a Related Lease

Take over this Toyota lease for $502.81 a month for the remaining Lease ended!. Help this person get out of the Toyota lease via a lease transfer. Contact the Lease Seller to ask a question, or to take over the lease.

Questions? Contact Seller

Lease saved


Current Mileage:3,678 km
2,286 miles
Vehicle:2013 Toyota
Remaining Miles:Style:
Mileage Per Year:44,144 km (per year)
27,430 miles (per year)
Color:Silver (exterior)
Months Remaining:Lease ended!Engine:1.5 L
Location:Owen Sound, OntarioTransmission:Any
Lease Company:Toyota Credit Lease End Date:October 20, 2018 (est.)
Lease ID:6313

Toyota Lease Transfer Details

Base Monthly Payment:$502.81 (before tax)Months on Lease:
Lease ended!
Seller Incentive:$0.00Buyout at Lease End:$0.00
Effective Payment:$502.81
(after incentive | before tax)
Mileage Allowance:44,144 km (per year)
27,430 miles (per year)
Lease Company:Toyota Credit Remaining Miles:
Lease Term:53 monthsExcess mileage: $0.16 per km (est.)
$0.10 per mile (est.)
Lease Term End:October 20, 2018 (est.)

Lease Features & Options

The owner of this Toyota wants to get out of the lease through the lease transfer (lease assumption) process. As a Lease Buyer, you can swap a lease this 2013 Toyota for $502.81 (before tax) a month for the remaining Lease ended!. Consumers become a lease busters to exit a lease early through a lease swap method or more commonly known as a lease transfer process to get out of a lease early. Both the Lease Seller and Lease Buyer an save thousands of dollars by existing a lease early, and taking over a short term lease. The process to swap a lease for this 2013 Toyota can be performed directly through contacting the Lease Seller who will answer any questions about the Toyota lease and help facilitate the auto lease transfer process with the leasing company.

Please note that each specific leasing company sets their own fees and/or penalties concerning lease end responsibilities such as but not limited to: wear and tear issues, vehicle turn in, security deposit refunds, and potential excess mileage. It is the responsibility of the person leasing the vehicle at lease termination (the individual taking over the lease) to be aware of these specific lease company policies and guidelines. The leasing company information provided is believed to be both current and accurate, but is not guaranteed by AutoLeaseBreakers.com and could change at any time. Please contact AutoLeaseBreakers.com if you aware of any changes in the posted leasing company information because it is our goal to provide the most accurate information possible. Also note that the amount that you will be required to pay on a monthly basis may be different than the stated payment amount in the listing due to the fact that leasing companies will not take into account any incentives offered by the lease seller when the lease is transferred. AutoLeaseBreakers.com recommends contacting your local department or bureau of motor vehicles for questions pertaining to taxes in a lease transfer transaction